Meet Ruki, our winning artist

This Ramadan, artists were called to design a greeting card for Eid Al Fitr – after weeks of deciding, our panel of judges has chosen one winner, meet Ruki..

Artist Biography: An Interior Designer by day & Illustration Artist by night, Ruqaiyya lives and breathes art. Some of her artwork has been showcased in galleries and won several accolades. When it's time to take a break from her Art, she can be found engrossed in the pages of a book or dabbling in Photography.

Ruqaiyya currently lives in Dubai, with her slightly overweight cat, Olli.

Greeting Card

1. What has been your artistic inspiration and how long have you been drawing for? I've been drawing ever since I could pick up a pencil! Thankfully, my parents didn't stop me from drawing on the walls & I'd like to believe that's helped me as an artist. My main artistic inspirations are the human form & architecture. I love people watching & will draw anyone who I find interesting.

2. What did you think of when creating the artwork for Virgin Megastore Eid Greeting Card Competition? To keep within the theme of retro/vintage, I used the Jumeirah Mosque as my focal point due to it's architecture style. I aimed to replicate an almost 'Art Deco' style with the chunkier borders & colour-blocked islamic patterns for contrast. Looking at the piece now, it feels like an old postage stamp.

3. What do you love most about Virgin Megastore? The variety of goods on offer! Whether its something quirky, music-related or gaming-related, I know I can find something in Virgin Megastore.

4. Any future projects you have planned? There may be another book to illustrate, this time a children's book. I'm looking forward to that! In terms of personal pieces, I want to undertake a lot more work using my preferred style, Continuous Line Drawing.