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5 Steps to Bold Brows

Nowadays eyebrows have become the most crucial beauty trend, they have to be “on fleek” (yes, I know, that is so 2015)! Just like how flash tattoos were a huge trend last year, eyebrows have taken over the beauty market, with eyebrow gels, pencils, markers, and highlighters being more in demand than ever.

Read below to find out how to get the perfect bold brows you’ve been dying to have.

1. Got to Brush The absolute must have product is a brow brush. No matter if you want or don’t want to fill in your brows, the brush helps give your brows a cleaner look and more definite shape. Always brush your eyebrows upwards and outwards, it follows their natural hair growth and helps you ultimately create more volume. Before starting anything, make sure your eyebrows are clean. Brush all your hairs up and using scissors, trim any hair that surpasses your top brow line, making sure you don’t cut too short as when you brush the hairs back down you might not have enough to fill in the middle areas of your brows.

2. We All Know How to Tweeze What about the bottom of your brows? That’s easy; just tweeze the excess using our glamorous new Browtician Jeweller Crystal Bluebird Brow Tweezers with a precision slanted tip perfect to get the tiniest of hairs.

3. Time to Fill Once again, brush your newly cleaned eyebrows upwards and outwards, then grab an eyebrow pencil of your shade. We suggest the Misslyn Eyebrow Liners that come in 7 different shades, suited for every hair color. Start filling in all the empty areas by applying some color to the thinned out areas. Do NOT color the areas in fully as that will create an overdrawn excessive eyebrow that will end up looking tattooed and not Cara Delevigne natural. If you are having trouble choosing a brow pencil of your shade, go one shade lighter as this will pull off a softer look.

4. Be Bold Using a brow brush, brush through the colored areas in order to spread and blend the color throughout the eyebrows, this will fill in the empty and thinned out areas naturally and will make the thicker areas bolder. To keep your eyebrows in place throughout the day and avoid having to reapply the color, use our Eyebrow Gel by Misslyn. It works perfectly with pencils and powders to protect the brows.

5. Let’s Highlight Grab a brow highlighter pencil, we suggest Wet N Wild’s Ultimate Brow Highlighter, and underline below your brows on your brow bone to create the ultimate definition and sharp shape. It’ll be perfect as a finishing touch!

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