June The Sun is also a Star By Nicola Yoon

The internationally bestselling love story from Nicola Yoon, author of Everything, Everything. Soon to be a major film starring Yara Shahidi and Charles Melton!

Book Review By
Enrico Chico Books Expert, Mirdif City

Did the universe bring them together only to keep them apart?

This is Nicola Yoon’s second novel – her first was Everything, Everything, which was also a bestseller made into a movie.

The Sun is Also a Star follows Natasha and Daniel. Natasha is a Jamaican girl who lives in New York City with her family, and they are in threat of being deported. She’s a very analytical person who only believes in facts. She’s a pessimist. Daniel is a Korean American also living in NYC – he’s a good son whose parents have high expectations of him. He’s a dreamer and always prefers a positive outlook on life.

What will happen if their worlds collide?

The story takes place over the course of only one day – the day Natasha and Daniel fell in love. The day they need to survive their fate. It’s not only a romantic tale, it also covers a very pertinent topic: the issue of immigration in America. I love how Yoon manages to tackle a serious contemporary matter and weave a romantic story through it. I found the story very relatable and utterly charming. A great escape from reality.

I’m giving this lovely young adult novel 5 stars, and I think it is Yoon’s best book so far. I can’t wait for the movie coming out soon!

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