January How To Stop Time By Matt Haig

How many lifetimes does it take to learn how to live?

Book Review
By Kit our Books Buyer

Tom Hazard is ill, seriously ill. He is one of the few people on earth to find themselves aging at an incredibly reduced rate. Born in Renaissance era France and raised in a plague ravaged England – he found himself drifting apart from everyone he loved, as they age and he stays unchanged. Clearly different, Tom can never settle, he has to move on each time people get suspicious and what’s worse the weight of centuries of memories is taking its toll. He’s had enough and for once just wants to be himself, returning to what once had been his childhood home to take on the mantle of a History Teacher (after all, who better to tell it as it happened..).

He'll have the help of others like him, just so long as he respects their one rule – Never Fall in Love.

Touching and heartwarming– a beautiful story and a remarkable book.

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