August An Unwanted Guest By Shari Lapena

The twisty new thriller from the New York Times bestselling author of The Couple Next Door and A Stranger in the House

Book Review By
Louw Potgieter Senior Book Buyer

The setting is a beautiful and remote inn in the Catskill Mountains, where a fierce snow blizzard cuts a cast of seemingly normal characters – couples, friends, and solo travelers still strangers to each other – off from society just as they settle in. There will be no WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other contact with the outside world. But that’s ok – this was supposed to be a relaxing, and for some a romantic getaway from their busy lives in the city, and they’ll make the best of it. Yet soon the abnormality of a body at the bottom the stairs disrupts the peace, and an Agatha Christie style nail-biter of an atmospheric, strongly character driven mystery thriller ensues.

Shari Lapena, author of the sensational debut The Couple Next Door and then A Stranger in the House once again created a highly entertaining read that is so well crafted that you will feel the cold (despite the current heat), you will feel the entrapment of the locked doors and no escape, and you will be kept wondering along with each character who the murderer is, until the very last page. This is Lapena’s best to date and I highly recommend it to lovers of this genre.

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